Media Fields Conference (2007)


Media Fields Conference

Friday, April 6, 2007 (McCune Conference Room, 6020 Humanites and Social Science Building) 4:00 Keynote Address

Anna McCarthy (New York University), "The Cyranoid Medium and the Liberal Self"

6:00 Project Exhibitions

Royal, Nebraska (Toby Lee) SONGHUA (J.P. Sniadecki)

Saturday, April 7, 2007 (McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB) 9:00 Light Breakfast 9:30 The Mediated City: LA, Chicago, New York (Joshua Neves, UCSB, moderator)

Daniel Chamberlain (University of Southern California), "Scripted: The Creation and Dilation of Media Spaces in Playa Vista" Brendan Kredell (Northwestern University), "Medium Cool and the City Street" Adam Abrams (University of California, Los Angeles), "Play: Space, Place, The Warriors, the City"

11:00 Fieldwork: Theory/Practice (Regina Longo, UCSB, moderator)

Toby Lee (Harvard University) J.P. Sniadecki (Harvard University) Nicole Starosielski (University of California, Santa Barbara)

12:00 Lunch Break

1:30 Contentious Fields (Chris Dzialo, UCSB, moderator)

Germaine Halegoua (University of Wisconsin, Madison), "I Hear They're Gonna Put a Hotspot Where You're Standing: Analyzing the Expansion and Controversies of New Urban Wireless Spaces" Alex Ingersoll (University of Colorado, Boulder), "Converting the Physical into Virtual: Establishing Geographical Boundaries on the Internet" Amber Westcott-Baker (New York University), "Gore Defanged: Camera Angles, Construction of Space, and Gore's Marginalization in the Second 2000 Presidential Debate" Noah Zweig (University of California, Santa Barbara) "The Green Zone"

3:15 Fields of View and the Experience of Place (Daniel Reynolds, UCSB, moderator)

Mary Nucci (Rutgers University), "Pictures Worth a Million Words: The Large Format View of the National Parks" James Hodge (University of Chicago), "Animation at the Beach: Narrative, the Stereoscope, and the Origins of Cinema" Robert Peaslee (University of Colorado, Boulder) "Practice in Mediated Space: Toward a Constructivist Media Anthropology"

5:00 Closing Roundtable Discussion

Edward Branigan, Constance Penley, Bhaskar Sarkar, Greg Siegel (University of California, Santa Barbara)